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    29 May 2015 Administrator
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    Welcome to the new Polycode Community Forums!

    If you are looking for the old forum, you can find it at http://oldsite.polycode.org/forum/ , but posting to it has been disabled.

    Please join us on IRC at #polycode on Freenode.net and check out our subreddit at http://www.reddit.com/r/polycode .

  2. will you be creating a installer aswell or just have the binaries for you to put where ever?

  3. fodinabor

    29 May 2015 Administrator
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    Well I guess not ... It's planned to integrate an updater but I did not hear of any plans for an installer.. (and I don't see any real importance in it..)

  4. Aaaaah, I love it :D. New Documentation Toooo!

  5. [deleted]

    1 Jun 2015
    Deleted 2 years ago by Ivan
  6. Nice! Congrats on the new looks and shiny binary release! Hopefully I can start contributing to the project now that I have some time and motivation for it.

  7. It's a nice new website. With a much needed updated documentation thanks for releasing. It's a nice touch to have open sourced the website as well so that people that want to contribute can at least keep the documentation updated as polycode adds more features.


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