"First Steps" tutorial?

  1. 2 years ago

    A lot of game development tools have some sort of "First Steps"/"Getting Started" tutorial, like Game Maker's Fruit Clicking game, and Löve2D's Scrolling Shooter tutorial, that teaches the first steps on using the IDE or API, and refers to the tool's documentation. I can't manage to learn how to use Polycode even with the ready examples, as some concepts like scenes stay unclear.

    I was talking with Fodinabor some days ago in IRC about a starter tutorial, and it would be really good to introduce new users to Polycode, but no one seems to make one.

    So yeah, would anyone make a tutorial?

  2. Want to chim in, just to say - before scenes and such, would be cool to do something like real first steps(and have up to date builds). I have been dying to try polycode for quite some time, but i can't even link it in either clion or vs2015.

  3. I would also like to chime in and say that a proper first steps tutorial would be really great. I check in regularly to see if there is a mobile/iOS renderer available for mobile compatibility and to see what everyone is doing with Polycode. I believe there are a lot of people that see the potential to make great programs using Polycode but would like to see examples of its application in the real world and having a more instructive first steps guide would be a really good thing.

  4. last year

    hello pretty new here and want to try to make games using this program I do have a little bit of LUA background but it wont hurt to see tutorials from scratch til finish but i cant find em?? anywhere? also the tutorial page links are broken!
    will the developer do something about it?

  5. fodinabor

    1 Mar 2017 Administrator

    you had a look at the more up-to-date pages? http://polycode.org/learn/


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