LuaPolyCode for Sublime Text 3

  1. last year

    Over the last couple of days i've worked on getting Polycode's lua syntax highlight to work with sublime text 3. In addition to that, I'm also working on getting functional code completion, and although it is still WIP, it's usable. I've also added a build and run system and a template for .polyproject.

    As much as I love the PolyCode's IDE, it's nice to just being able to boot sublime text and start coding.
    In case you want to try it, you can get it from my repo:

    It's only been tested on OSX, so if you experience issues, that may be the reason :3

  2. fodinabor

    20 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Nice!! Maybe that's a good way to go (instead of trying to further develop the in studio editor ;-))

  3. Lately I've been adding a lot more code completion. I hope to have all functions covered within a week... I've been rewriting a lot of it, to figure out the best way to show examples. Atm. it's not possible to see the return value of the function (if it has one), which I would like to add, but then I might have to replace that with the Label showing from which part of the engine the functions come from ie. 2DPhysics, 3DPhysics, or the CORE.

    When I have all the functions covered, i'll also fill a request to get the package onto the package control of sublime, making it much easier to get future updates.

  4. Ivan

    2 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Are you creating these manually or generating them from the source somehow?

  5. Yes, I am doing it manually atm. though I've been thinking about make a script that does it for me.

  6. fodinabor

    2 Jun 2016 Administrator

    oh nice man! :D

  7. Ivan

    2 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Look at the script that generates the Lua bindings. In the upcoming release that script is much cleaner and way more modular. You could make a module that generates your stuff for you.

  8. Edited last year by CandyFace

    True but I really have no idea as to how I would do that, it'll just end up like this:

    Even though it would probably be better in the long term, should I not keep it up to date, I think I'll just continue doing it manually anyway.


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