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  1. 2 years ago

    I'm just bored at the moment and started a website for how i think Polycodes website should look like. This is my personal preference and i'm not expecting the polycode site to change at all but i thought maybe i should share this journey and see what you guys think of my web development taste. Today all i did was create the navbar. This will be a one page website. For me personally i think scrolling down is so late 2000's. I'm bringing the Polycode site to the twenty second century :P. -image-

  2. I think that the white background on the website is harsh and with a darker background and white text. It will be less taxing to users eyes when they are spending a few minutes reading the tutorials in the learn section. I also added animation to changes of the web pages. I made a video check it out .

  3. Ivan

    7 May 2016 Administrator

    Nice! I like the idea of making the site darker. I do think that documentation should be white on black though as most people prefer reading white on black from what i understand.

  4. fodinabor

    7 May 2016 Administrator

    Hmm.. I'm not sure it feels a bit too grey - but yep a bit darker might be a-not-so-bad-idea

  5. How about adding some nice blue or green colors to break up the background color? That way it's not so gray all the time. Theres a little bit more changes to make and then if you guys want i can make a pull request with the changed code.

  6. I'm just about done with this by the way. It uses angularjs and made it into a single web page. I can make the commit if you like.

  7. Can we get a sneak peek?

  8. I will post photos up of the new changes. You can look at the video as well that i made of the new look. It's the bottom little arrow in my second comment in this thread.


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