Starting Polycode Tutorials

  1. last year

    I'm going to start on a Polycode Tutorial series. I made the first video a little intro to the series

  2. Ivan

    18 May 2016 Administrator

    Really great work, man! Keep it up!

  3. fodinabor

    19 May 2016 Administrator

    I personally think it's easier to follow and more convenient to seperate C++ and Lua (just my thought) ;-)

  4. Yeah i'm going separate the C++ and Lua coding into there own videos.
    I have uploaded a little tutorial on the ide Right Here

  5. fodinabor

    23 May 2016 Administrator

    okay - I'm curious for more ;)

  6. I have gotten the first video of the lua scripting tutorial Up on youtube. Go There

  7. Ivan

    2 Jun 2016 Administrator

    That's really great!! Looking forward to more!

  8. Alright it's been awhile since i have done one of these tutorials. I have just uploaded another one. It's pretty much the same as the last one but done in C++ and showing the difference in setting up a project with C++ rather than in lua. Video Here

  9. 5 months ago

    Carlos are you going to make more tutorials?
    i am super new and was wondering how to extend a game using lua the tutorials from the framework isnt enough is it possible to requiere "menu" under the scripting main part? to make it bigger
    want to make a menu and options and game can that be added to main.lua ? and how???


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