Viewport Movement in IDE?

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi everyone!

    How do you adjust your view in the viewport of the Polycode IDE? I was trying to orbit an entity using the middle mouse button, but I wasn't able to move at all (this could be a bug?). The only way I'm able to change the viewport view is by using the 2D, X, Y, Z, and 3D buttons in the toolbar.

    I'm using a Mac on El Capitan 10.11.5.


  2. This must be a mac thing because on windows holding down the middle button and moving the mouse i can orbit around the entity. Maybe you can make a bug report on the polycode github page.

  3. Ivan

    7 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Alt to rotate, alt-shift to pan, unless it's a bug :)

  4. Neat! The Alt-buttons did the trick.

    The middle mouse dragging might not be working on my Mac because of a conflict between the IDE and SmoothMouse (I've had the same issue with Blender). I'll look into it.


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