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  1. last year

    Since the new build off polycode will support mobile apps. Has there been any though on how users will be able to add custom things like admob or custom code to interact with the phone itself? (example: make phone vibrate)

  2. fodinabor

    4 Jul 2016 Administrator

    Well.. Some features (like opening the keyboard) are supported by Android or iOS Core - and I guess some more features could be added. Otherwise on Android you can write Java Code (you need Java for most API calls :(), that you can call from C++.

  3. How will the java code be handled to add into the app? Will there be a module that will need to be made and compiled into polycode and then called from C++ or will the files of java be put into the app and when the app is compiled the code can be ran inside of the device?

    Hopefully there will be documentation about this because it would be nice for the small community to know how this sort of thing works. So that they can add some neat custom things and i also would like to know :). I use godot at the moment for my game apps but once this new release comes out. I will be making the switch over since now i have a better understanding of C++ and want to challenge myself with making C++ games. I made the module for appodeal in godot for people to use so that they can easily add ads into there apps and i want to do the same for polycode. Give people the option to use the appodeal monetization service for the future polycode apps.

  4. fodinabor

    4 Jul 2016 Administrator

    actually I thought of just using the Java activity that starts the Polycode app. There you could write your own code and this code could be used via JNI.. it's not too nice to use but it works :)
    Actually thinking about adding some JNI Polycode wrapper to make that easier.. but not yet sure whether that makes any sense at all.... so at the moment it looks like you have to add the Java code in some Java file that get's compiled along with the Polycode app and then call that Java functions by explicit calls from C++.

    And yeah.. I actually fear the docs that have to be done :P

  5. I wouldn't mind doing the actual docs if i knew in detail how it works. I could just look at past commits and see what was added. Though it would be easier with a little explanation from the creator of the android build.


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