Post processing bloom artefacts

  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by CandyFace

    I've finally figured how to add post processing to a camera, but noticed that when you increase the blurH, blurV to a certain size, it creates a lot of artefacts.. looks like tiling.. How do I avoid this?

    I am using the HDRProcessBloom post processing shader.


    this is with these parameters:

    scene:getDefaultCamera():getLocalShaderOptions()[2]:addParam(ProgramParam.PARAM_NUMBER, "blurSize"):setNumber(0.006)
    scene:getDefaultCamera():getLocalShaderOptions()[3]:addParam(ProgramParam.PARAM_NUMBER, "blurSize"):setNumber(0.006)
  2. Ivan

    16 Jul 2016 Administrator

    It's just a really low quality bloom shader. You can take a look at the glsl file in the repo if you want to see. The gaussian blur kernel is very small. goodbye_cmake has a higher quality one in by default.

  3. Edited 2 years ago by CandyFace

    Ahh so it is the kernel which is to be the fault. I am actually using the shader from the goodbye_cmake branch, so I guess I'll have to mess with the blurring kernel then.. Thanks for the info ;)


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