Compiling windows build through lua IDE

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    I'm trying to publish my game for mac, linux and PC but for some reason it's not working for windows. I've copied all the necessary Standalone/Publish (taken from the 0.8.4 build) into the folder, and it compiles for Linux and mac, but not windows. the IDE doesn't show any errors, so figuring out how to fix this, is difficult.

    Here's a snippit of my folder structure inside

    Is there something extra I have to do for windows?

  2. Ivan

    21 Jul 2016 Administrator

    What is not working exactly?

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    Package and exporting the game for windows, via the Polycode IDE on OS X.
    The image i've posted just shows what is inside the IDE Resource/Standalone folder, in case you would be wondering if something is missing.

    edit: Ah well I found a workaround, I just make a copy the Win folder from the publish folder (as shown in the image), and replaces the main.polyapp... it just seems weird that it won't do that automatically, as it clearly works for mac and linux, but I guess it's a bug in the released 0.8.4 Polycode IDE.


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