Skeleton Animation Scrubbing

  1. last year

    I've been playing around with skeletal animation in Polycode. One enhancement I'm proposing is the ability to scrub the animation.

    By scrubbing, I mean being able to set the 'playhead' of an animation to a specific time in the animation.

    One use case for this is synchronizing animations between two game instances. You could synchronize the current 'playhead' of the animation between the two instances and render the skeleton using that information.

    Would this be a welcome addition?

    - Andy

  2. Ivan

    30 Jul 2016 Administrator

    That would be a great feature and pretty easy to add! Feel up for it? :)

    If you do add anything, I advise you do it on the goodbye_cmake branch. It's moved pretty far from master and is due to become the new master soon.

  3. Okay, sweet! I'll try to get something written by next week.

  4. I made a PR for this feature (#698).


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