Mesh not rendering with certain materials

  1. last year
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    I imported a mesh and noticed that the only materials that it would render at all with were some of the Unlit shaders. None of the Default materials would render the mesh.

    The mesh was textured and had a UV map, if that factors into anything.

    Is this due to shaders being incomplete, or am I doing something wrong?

    - Andy

  2. fodinabor

    4 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Default Shaders usually need lights to be shown correctly.

  3. They don't render with lights either.

  4. I found my problem! I wasn't exporting normals in polyimport.

  5. fodinabor

    6 Aug 2016 Administrator

    And with the lights: you have to set the last parameter of scene->Render in your Update function to true

  6. Ahh, okay. Thanks!


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