1. last year

    Is there any reason for this variable in the PolyUIComboBox class ?

    String selectorBgImage = conf->getStringValue("Polycode", "uiComboBoxSelectorBgImage");

    Because it is throwing an exception when building the Polycode Studio. It's on line 86, It's not being used anywhere in the method it's in. When i comment that variable out Polycode Studio builds fine. Since that variable isn't even being used should it even be in there. Maybe it got overlooked when reworking the Polycodes UI.

  2. fodinabor

    11 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Yeah... It had been used someday - the real bug is somewhere else but the quick fix is commenting that out :)

  3. Have you checked to see if the string value is not returning a null? If not I'll check later.

  4. fodinabor

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Yeah the problem is, that config retuns a String& - and the returned string "unknown" is initialized in that function -> it gets destructed when leaving the function (to fix that issue the & has to be removed - so that the string gets copied - but as Config is about to be removed I decided not to send a fix for this)

  5. I see, What is config going to be replaced with?

  6. fodinabor

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    We have a Object class where we load xml files from - it provides nearly the same functionality as Config - so we plan to just use that instead of config


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