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  1. last year

    Hi! Can anyone explain me how compile polycode from the souce? All passages, i try downloading the goodbye_cmake and the depbinaries and combine them but i get strange error how can i get the source using git? And i'm using VS2015 is ok for compile Polycode IDE and Engine?

    Thanks to all that will help me and sorry for my english... I'm studying for improve it :)

  2. fodinabor

    27 Sep 2016 Administrator

    as on GitHub:

    git clone  
    git checkout origin/goodbye_cmake  
    git submodule update --init "lib"

    then open the build/windows/win32/Polycode.sln - do not upgrade them on startup. Then you may have to apply the changes mentioned in the GitHub issue:
    and then you may build the whole solution in Debug and or Release (as you wish). The IDE is called Polycode Studio and can be found in build/windows/win32/Release.

    For use with C++ you can finde the library files in the respective folders in lib - but be aware that here windows means Universal Windows Project and win32 is the usual windows application stuff.
    All the needed header files are in include. You should use #include <Polycode.h> in files using standard polycode stuff.

  3. Thanks for the fast reply! When i write "git clone"in git bash/cmd i get "C:\Users\Andrea_F>git clone
    Cloning into 'Polycode'...
    Permission denied (publickey).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists."
    What can i do?

  4. fodinabor

    27 Sep 2016 Administrator

    you either can use git clone or if you plan to use GitHub to push code you should probably create a private / public SSH key ( )

    for a decision help:

  5. It finish now to download using git, but it download the wrong repo (the old with cmake), i try with git clone but doesn't work.

    (I'm sorry for too much problem, i'm noob i know but i want to try the last version of Polycode and help with some commits, i'm not bad with engine i'm reading some book for learn how they are make i think i can help, i want to help this project is AMAZING! But i'm blocked at this point xD)

  6. fodinabor

    27 Sep 2016 Administrator

    to solve this problem you have to cd into the folder you cloned Polycode in and execute the git checkout origin/goodbye_cmake command. To download the library files you have to do the last git command (git submodule update --init "lib") in the same folder

  7. Edited last year by Aquilus

    Oook! I'm here! The new error are " link.exe terminated with code 1104, and impossible open file "ksguid.lib"

    Edit: Fixed the Link.exe error only the ksguid.lib remain

  8. fodinabor

    27 Sep 2016 Administrator

    See from here


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