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  1. last year

    How do I set up a C++ project with polycode? Do you write code in the IDE, and then hit a button which compiles everything, or is code edited externally? If I have to edit externally, what do I have to link/what search directories do I need etc... I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

  2. If I understand what you are saying,
    I think you are supposed to start with setting up the scene, directions for that are found in the learn section.
    You write the code in the IDE and click the play button on the top left, if a pop up that says something about saving comes up, click yes. Then it will show you what you have so far or if you made programming errors.

  3. Ok. My confusion comes from the fact that the learn section states "it is advised that if you are comfortable with C++, you use [polycode] as a C++ API, and use the IDE strictly for for asset editing." and the fact that there's no option for creating a C++ project from inside the IDE. So should I just create an empty project, and add C++ files created externally?

  4. fodinabor

    3 Oct 2016 Administrator

    uhm - the IDE does not directly support C++. you can just create sprites and scenes (levels) in the IDE and then load it via C++ into your own C++ project. this C++ project should be created in an external IDE like Visual Studio or Xcode.
    see for using sprites for example

  5. Ah - that makes more sense. Is there a guide for setting up a polycode project with Code::Blocks?

  6. Ok, I added a bunch of stuff in the Framework/Dependencies directory, and I'm now getting "undefined reference to SDL_Init " when I try to compile. What version of SDL should I install?

  7. Edited last year by kekie

    Ok, I've fixed that, but now there are other unmet dependencies. Is there a big list of dependencies for polycode somewhere..? Currently I'm getting "undefined reference to symbol 'dlsym@@GLIBC_2.2.5'|"


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