Custom Material not working

  1. last year

    When creating a new material in the Material editor, The Editor crashes. To more precise when clicking on the plus material in the material browser. I notice when creating the new file of a material. The program can't find some shaders like the SkyBox, DefaultHDR, etc. The shaders that get called to create the default material. Have those shaders been removed?

  2. It looks like the problem is at line 1474 in the file PolycodeMaterialEditor.cpp. It seems like the new material that gets created does not get created right or gets corrupted. This function is where it goes wrong.

  3. I think i found why the program can't find some shaders. It looks like the class CoreFileProvider doesn't have anything inside of the Method addSource. It's completely empty, my guess is that this is the problem that is crashing the editor when making a new material because it can't find the shaders it needs.

    void CoreFileProvider::addSource(const String &source) {
  4. fodinabor

    1 Jan 2017 Administrator

    I don't really can help... But the corefileprovider should not implement addSource, thats right as it is - the BasicFileProvider or PhysFSFileProvider implement that function... If somewhere an object is falsly used as corefileprovider this of course could lead to corruption.. But I think this is not very likely..


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