Any tips to learn Polycode C++ from Source Code?

  1. 7 weeks ago


    I was curious if anyone could offer any tips or guides on how to understand the mechanics to a game engine. To start off, I have a college background in Embedded Systems and have been programming in C++ for a few years, but never for graphical purposes. To further grow my skills in C++ programming I want to branch out into something complex like a game engine. I do not plan to create my own, or even use one to create a fully developed game. Instead, I just want to learn from the ground up how a game engine handles everything from Vectors, graphics, physics, and cross-platform capabilities.

    I understand Polycode is being reworked and I don't plan to learn the engine to create a game, but since Polycode is a fully functional game engine that is open-sourced I would like to use the source code to help grow my skills in C++. That said, if anyone has any tips as to where to start in the source code, links explaining how Polycode works, or anything else those with experience in game engines can offer I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you


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