How Businesses Can Save Money By Repairing Manufacturing Machinery But Why It Still May Not Be Worth

  1. 10 months ago

    Companies frequently assume that acquiring new manufacturing equipment and automation machinery is the sole option when replacing machinery that is beginning to fail. Sometimes, certainly, investing in a new piece of equipment is the only realistic option. This is the case when technology has moved on and used or refurbished machinery would not keep pace with these changes.

    -image-Other times though the technology does not change. This then means that the equipment will be as good as new with a few more affordable new replacement components. This is a perfect opportunity to save your firm some cash, whether you decide to buy new automation parts or choose to buy refurbished manufacturing ones instead.

    It is essential to assess the needs of your firm to decide if machinery should be replaced or if repairing and maintaining it using new or refurbished parts is the most suitable solution for your business.

    Buying New Equipment: Investing in new production machinery or automation machinery provides a lot of benefits; the primary benefit is the technology improvements which are delivered when changing to new devices. Brand new manufacturing machinery offers your production unit a competitive advantage and might greatly influence the productivity of your company. Another advantage of investing in new equipment is the possibility that it gives to buy extended guaranteesand service plans as well as the fact that new equipment provides "piece of mind" to the purchaser. The disadvantage, naturally, is that new equipment is relatively expensive.

    Repairing and Maintaining Equipment: Opting for new or refurbished spares to repair automation machinery is definitely a great option for a lot of firms. New automation spares for recognised brands like Vipa and Indramat industrial automation equipment can generally be bought from companies such as and in certain cases refurbished components are also readily available. These refurbished electrical parts are fully disassembled, repaired, updated and then reassembled. Repairing equipment by using new parts or refurbished is most certainly going to be more economical than purchasing new machinery although, obviously, you'll also be missing out on the customer support and warranties that may be included with new machines, depending on the makers of the machinery and the company that the equipment is bought from.

    No matter what you decide, buying new, repairing or even buying a used replacement machine, it is very important that any machinery complies with the required safety standards. The machinery must be completely safe to use. Make sure to also do a cost analysis looking at the price difference between purchasing new equipment and keeping existing and used machinery working fully.


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