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    Mon Aug 1 20:57:58 2016
    Ivan posted in Animations not playing.

    Skeletal animations are now GPU-only in goodbye_cmake. You'll need a vertex shader that takes bone matrices( Look at GPUSkinning.vert). There is one material right now that you can use out of the box: DefaultShaderAnimated. It's just a simple textured material. I am planning on adding animated versions of all standard materials. Or someone else can do that too if they feel like contributing a thing ;)

  2. Sat Jul 30 22:51:55 2016

    That would be a great feature and pretty easy to add! Feel up for it? :)

    If you do add anything, I advise you do it on the goodbye_cmake branch. It's moved pretty far from master and is due to become the new master soon.

  3. Fri Jul 29 18:53:39 2016
    Ivan posted in VR headset support.

    @zeebok I just commited the VR stuff to goodbye_cmake if you want to take a look.

    The code below illustrates how to use it:

    PolycodeTemplateApp::PolycodeTemplateApp(PolycodeView *view) {
    	core = new POLYCODE_CORE(view, 1280 , 720, false, false, 0, 0, 180, 0, false);
    	core->addFileSource("archive", "default.pak");
    	ResourcePool *globalPool = core->getResourceManager()->getGlobalPool();
    	globalPool->loadResourcesFromFolder("default", true);
    	scene = new Scene(core, Scene::SCENE_3D);
    	scene->useClearColor = true;
    	vr.initVR(core, scene);
    void PolycodeTemplateApp::handleEvent(Event *event) {
    	InputEvent *inputEvent = (InputEvent*)event;
    PolycodeTemplateApp::~PolycodeTemplateApp() {
    bool PolycodeTemplateApp::Update() {
    	bool retVal =  core->Update();
    	RenderFrame *frame = new RenderFrame(core->getViewport());
    	scene->Render(frame, NULL, NULL, NULL, false);
    	return retVal;

    vr.Render will render it into the compositor render buffers and the render in the main update loop renders it to the screen so you can debug.

  4. Thu Jul 21 12:57:35 2016

    What is not working exactly?

  5. Sat Jul 16 16:36:38 2016

    It's just a really low quality bloom shader. You can take a look at the glsl file in the repo if you want to see. The gaussian blur kernel is very small. goodbye_cmake has a higher quality one in by default.

  6. Fri Jul 15 14:27:57 2016
    Ivan posted in VR headset support.

    Hey @zeebok, I am doing some more API restructuring this weekend so probably won't commit his until next week, but it's still coming! And yes, once we figure out the frame syncing, it will have VR support for all headsets that OpenVR supports.

  7. Sat Jul 9 10:21:19 2016
    Ivan posted in VR headset support.

    Hey, I actually implemented OpenVR into Polycode but haven't commited it yet because I can't get the frame syncing to happen properly. It's always off by a frame or two and it's really jarring with the Vive bounds overlay because that's perfectly synced. Maybe you could help me with that?

  8. 2 years ago
    Thu Jun 9 13:43:58 2016
    Ivan posted in What's being worked on?.

    Yes, thank you, zeebok! My apologies for not merging some of the pull requests into master. The new branch was supposed to be a small diversion and has turned into a year-long rewrite of many major subsystems of the framework. :)

  9. Tue Jun 7 10:02:26 2016
    Ivan posted in Viewport Movement in IDE?.

    Alt to rotate, alt-shift to pan, unless it's a bug :)

  10. Sat May 7 02:17:33 2016
    Ivan posted in New Website look.

    Nice! I like the idea of making the site darker. I do think that documentation should be white on black though as most people prefer reading white on black from what i understand.

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