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    Tue Mar 7 01:48:24 2017
    B bio3C posted in shortcut on linux problem.

    oh now i understood, it's working properly now, thank you.

  2. Sun Mar 5 04:34:18 2017
    B bio3C posted in shortcut on linux problem.

    @fodinabor Maybe you forgot to set the working directory to your polycode folder?

    all projects are in /home/myuser/Documents/Polycode/
    do i need to do anything different?

  3. Fri Mar 3 04:35:10 2017
    B bio3C started the conversation shortcut on linux problem.

    Hello, I created a shortcut for Polycode on linux (app.desktop style) and when i open using the shortcut i get a garbled UI, that does not happen when launching by double clicking on Polycode app, any help will be much appreciated.


  4. 2 years ago
    Sat Jan 23 12:32:21 2016
    B bio3C posted in Orbit Camera (Lua).

    funny thing is that I've tried this method before and it didn't worked, it's working now, thanks :D
    just one though, just to not create another thread, and i believe that what i'm about to ask is intrinsically related with the topic, is there a way to make the the camera (using this method that you mentioned) respect the cube orientation when i roll the rotEnt? i'm trying to replicate the same camera behavior that is expected in a 3D Viewport...
    sorry if i'm asking too much...

  5. Tue Jan 19 07:49:02 2016
    B bio3C started the conversation Orbit Camera (Lua).

    i'm trying to make the camera rotate (orbit) around an (any) object, so far i had no luck, i tried to change the camera anchor point but it seems that cameras work differently from objects, objects rotate just fine around it's anchor point , camera will rotate (or yaw, pitch, roll) around it's own "center of mass"...

    i also tried to modify the camera position using (cos, sin) but no luck.

    what you guys suggest? just keep in mind that i'm a newbie programmer :)

  6. Sun Jan 17 20:53:58 2016
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