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    Sat Aug 6 18:45:18 2016

    Ahh, okay. Thanks!

  2. Fri Aug 5 22:50:30 2016

    I found my problem! I wasn't exporting normals in polyimport.

  3. Thu Aug 4 13:32:14 2016

    They don't render with lights either.

  4. Wed Aug 3 23:01:49 2016
    sanghakchun started the conversation Mesh not rendering with certain materials.


    I imported a mesh and noticed that the only materials that it would render at all with were some of the Unlit shaders. None of the Default materials would render the mesh.

    The mesh was textured and had a UV map, if that factors into anything.

    Is this due to shaders being incomplete, or am I doing something wrong?

    - Andy

  5. Mon Aug 1 23:22:58 2016
    sanghakchun posted in Skeleton Animation Scrubbing.

    I made a PR for this feature (#698).

  6. Mon Aug 1 22:38:06 2016
    sanghakchun posted in Animations not playing.

    Interesting. Thanks!

  7. Mon Aug 1 00:52:25 2016
    sanghakchun started the conversation Animations not playing.

    Skeletal animation doesn't seem to be working for me in the goodbye_cmake branch. Did something change in how you would play animations?

    Here's the code I'm using to initialize the mesh:

        mesh = new SceneMesh(globalPool, "character.mesh");
        mesh->setColor(1, 1, 1, 1);
        mesh->loadSkeleton(core, "character.skeleton");
        mesh->getSkeleton()->addAnimation(core, "idle", "idle.anim");
        mesh->getSkeleton()->addAnimation(core, "walk", "walk.anim");
        mesh->getSkeleton()->playAnimationByName("walk", 0.5, false, false);

    And here's the update loop:

        bool res = core->Update();
        RenderFrame *frame = new RenderFrame(core->getViewport());
        scene->Render(frame, NULL, NULL, NULL, false);
        return res;
  8. Sun Jul 31 17:14:00 2016
    sanghakchun posted in Some entities not rendering?.

    I fixed the mesh not rendering by setting a material for the mesh to UnlitUntextured.

  9. Sun Jul 31 14:53:47 2016
    sanghakchun posted in Some entities not rendering?.

    Hey, @Ivan

    I'm getting an interesting effect after adding fodinabor's line to the code:

    This is with both the SceneLabel and the box.

  10. Sun Jul 31 02:29:14 2016
    sanghakchun started the conversation Some entities not rendering?.

    This piece of code only renders the SceneLabel, but not the ScenePrimitive box. Am I missing something here?

    This was run with the goodbye_cmake branch on a Mac.

        scene = new Scene(core, Scene::SCENE_3D);
        scene->useClearColor = true;
        ScenePrimitive *box = new ScenePrimitive(ScenePrimitive::TYPE_BOX, 1,1,1);
        box->setPosition(0.0, 0.5, 0.0);
        label = new SceneLabel(globalPool->getMaterial("Unlit"), "Hello World", 32, globalPool->getFont("mono"), Label::ANTIALIAS_FULL, 0.1);
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