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    Mon Oct 3 23:02:43 2016
    K kekie posted in Basic setup.

    Ok, I've fixed that, but now there are other unmet dependencies. Is there a big list of dependencies for polycode somewhere..? Currently I'm getting "undefined reference to symbol 'dlsym@@GLIBC_2.2.5'|"

  2. Mon Oct 3 22:45:30 2016
    K kekie posted in Basic setup.

    Ok, I added a bunch of stuff in the Framework/Dependencies directory, and I'm now getting "undefined reference to SDL_Init " when I try to compile. What version of SDL should I install?

  3. Mon Oct 3 15:23:58 2016
    K kekie posted in Basic setup.

    Ah - that makes more sense. Is there a guide for setting up a polycode project with Code::Blocks?

  4. Mon Oct 3 12:10:31 2016
    K kekie posted in Basic setup.

    Ok. My confusion comes from the fact that the learn section states "it is advised that if you are comfortable with C++, you use [polycode] as a C++ API, and use the IDE strictly for for asset editing." and the fact that there's no option for creating a C++ project from inside the IDE. So should I just create an empty project, and add C++ files created externally?

  5. Mon Oct 3 00:23:04 2016
    K kekie started the conversation Basic setup.

    How do I set up a C++ project with polycode? Do you write code in the IDE, and then hit a button which compiles everything, or is code edited externally? If I have to edit externally, what do I have to link/what search directories do I need etc... I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

  6. Tue Sep 13 00:16:39 2016
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