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    Tue Sep 27 11:03:30 2016

    Adding Vulkan support will be cool. The new-gen OpenGL!!! But I feel that currently even if it is not there it will be fine.

  2. Tue Sep 27 10:59:47 2016
    P PRANEET56 posted in Windows 32 bit??.

    Thanks a lot for providing me with link. And that was a really fast response! Polycode is a really great software and has a good promised future. I just hope you come up with more updates like always. This is the only good software I found for making 3D games after CryEngine though. But this is a whole lot more simpler than CryEngine.

  3. Mon Sep 26 12:21:57 2016
    P PRANEET56 started the conversation Windows 32 bit??.

    Is there any version of Polycode for windows 32 bit or will it be made in the near future??
    And is there any way to import my games into 32 bit windows capabilities?

  4. Mon Sep 26 12:02:27 2016
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