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    Sat Dec 31 14:24:44 2016
    C carlos21 posted in Custom Material not working.

    I think i found why the program can't find some shaders. It looks like the class CoreFileProvider doesn't have anything inside of the Method addSource. It's completely empty, my guess is that this is the problem that is crashing the editor when making a new material because it can't find the shaders it needs.

    void CoreFileProvider::addSource(const String &source) {
  2. Thu Dec 29 23:12:53 2016
    C carlos21 posted in Custom Material not working.

    It looks like the problem is at line 1474 in the file PolycodeMaterialEditor.cpp. It seems like the new material that gets created does not get created right or gets corrupted. This function is where it goes wrong.

  3. Thu Dec 29 19:44:18 2016
    C carlos21 started the conversation Custom Material not working.

    When creating a new material in the Material editor, The Editor crashes. To more precise when clicking on the plus material in the material browser. I notice when creating the new file of a material. The program can't find some shaders like the SkyBox, DefaultHDR, etc. The shaders that get called to create the default material. Have those shaders been removed?

  4. Thu Dec 29 11:56:12 2016

    Alright fixed the Editor and it's running as expected. Looking at the old goodbye_cmake and the new one that i cloned yesterday. It seems that the changes made to make the editor run got changed to some older version of the editor code.

  5. Wed Dec 28 19:16:00 2016

    Using the new one gives me a whole bunch of errors for running the Polycode Studio. I guess the new changes were not applied to the editor. I'll try and fix the errors to get the Editor running.

  6. Wed Dec 28 15:57:16 2016

    Really? That's weird because doing this is valid. Maybe i'm using an older goodbye_cmake.

    level = new SceneEntityInstance(core, "main.entity"); camera = (Camera *)level->getEntityById("mainCamera", true); light = (SceneLight *)level->getEntityById("light", false); cube = (SceneEntity *)level->getEntityById("cube", false); //label2->setText(std::to_string(light->getPosition().x) + " " + std::to_string(light->getPosition().y) + " " + std::to_string(light->getPosition().z)); scene->addChild(level); scene->addLight(light);

  7. Tue Dec 27 16:23:14 2016

    Alright i got the scene that was made with the editor to work with the light. Though i have to grab the light entity from the scene and re-add it in using addLight. Don't know if this is by design or a bug.

  8. Tue Dec 27 16:15:49 2016

    The scene is acting a little weird. I'm try'n to create the light and a box manually through c++ but neither is showing up on screen.

  9. Mon Dec 26 18:31:07 2016
    C carlos21 started the conversation Light Doesn't work after first Init.

    I know the fix to light was one of the last things added to goodbye_cmake but there is a little problem. When the editor creates a light it works as expected but when closing the editor and opening again reloading the scene the light no longer works. Even instancing the scene with the light through c++ doesn't work.

  10. Mon Sep 26 09:13:11 2016
    C carlos21 posted in VR headset support.

    That's weird that you don't have it. Well you can always download it here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3138 that will download the windows 7 sdk and then you can just add that lib into your project. Also there was another lib that was a major pain i think it had to do with the audio. I don't quit remember right now which lib it was but it had something to do with openal. That lib is way easier to find though so it's not that big of a deal.

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