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    Fri Feb 10 12:09:37 2017
    fodinabor posted in Problems with multi-file games.

    you created the Crab object before by calling crab = Crab() ?
    No other idea, as I'm not using Lua..

  2. Thu Feb 9 13:44:14 2017
    fodinabor posted in Events on UI MenuBar in LUA.

    did you have a look at: ?
    you don't have to create an extra class for every handled event - just declare a function and register a callback for that:

    okButton:addEventListener(nil, onOkButton, UIEvent.CLICK_EVENT)

    that function should look like the onCollision here:

    you can then cast the event parameter:

    local uiEvent = safe_cast(event, UIEvent)

    to get access to ui event specific information.

    by using get uiEvent:getDispatcher() you should be able to do the same differentiation as in C++

    Hope I could help!

  3. Thu Feb 9 10:29:32 2017
    fodinabor posted in Problems with multi-file games.

    don't miss to declare class "Crab" at the beginning of the file

  4. Wed Feb 8 15:42:23 2017
    fodinabor posted in Image Angle and Direction.

    hmm... not sure - maybe have a look here (bit too tired to answer directly..):

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 1 18:37:28 2017
    fodinabor posted in Custom Material not working.

    I don't really can help... But the corefileprovider should not implement addSource, thats right as it is - the BasicFileProvider or PhysFSFileProvider implement that function... If somewhere an object is falsly used as corefileprovider this of course could lead to corruption.. But I think this is not very likely..

  6. Wed Dec 28 17:50:53 2016

    Jep.. See changes of:
    Maybe try using the newest...

  7. Wed Dec 28 11:42:25 2016

    Uhm... Could you tell me which version you use exactly?
    The newest goodbye_cmake should not have addLight functions..

  8. Tue Dec 27 12:28:28 2016

    can you manually add lights to the scene in C++?

  9. 3 months ago
    Thu Nov 10 06:42:00 2016

    0.8.4 is the last version that's considered stable enough to call it a Release.
    goodbye_cmake version has many improvements, yes - but you definitely don't want to use that for production work so we don't call it a release and therefore the download link is not updated.

  10. Sat Oct 29 12:08:14 2016
    fodinabor posted in Textures won't import.

    Hmm maybe you have to turn on the normals import on import...

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