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  1. 5 months ago
    Mon Mar 6 17:57:05 2017
    fodinabor posted in shortcut on linux problem.

    There's a difference how you call the application: if you start it from the terminal it makes a difference if you call it via PolycodeDir/Polycode or directly from within the Polycode folder with Polycode as the working directory (the starting point for relative path names) is another one..

    You can specify the working directory in .desktop files with the path property as described here: please set it to the directory in which the binary is found.

  2. Sun Mar 5 03:22:20 2017
    fodinabor posted in shortcut on linux problem.

    Maybe you forgot to set the working directory to your polycode folder?

  3. Wed Mar 1 15:46:06 2017
    fodinabor posted in "First Steps" tutorial?.

    you had a look at the more up-to-date pages?

  4. Wed Mar 1 15:45:11 2017
    fodinabor posted in Tutorial.

    if there's a broken one looking like this: just replace the www with oldsite:

  5. 6 months ago
    Fri Feb 10 12:09:37 2017
    fodinabor posted in Problems with multi-file games.

    you created the Crab object before by calling crab = Crab() ?
    No other idea, as I'm not using Lua..

  6. Thu Feb 9 13:44:14 2017
    fodinabor posted in Events on UI MenuBar in LUA.

    did you have a look at: ?
    you don't have to create an extra class for every handled event - just declare a function and register a callback for that:

    okButton:addEventListener(nil, onOkButton, UIEvent.CLICK_EVENT)

    that function should look like the onCollision here:

    you can then cast the event parameter:

    local uiEvent = safe_cast(event, UIEvent)

    to get access to ui event specific information.

    by using get uiEvent:getDispatcher() you should be able to do the same differentiation as in C++

    Hope I could help!

  7. Thu Feb 9 10:29:32 2017
    fodinabor posted in Problems with multi-file games.

    don't miss to declare class "Crab" at the beginning of the file

  8. Wed Feb 8 15:42:23 2017
    fodinabor posted in Image Angle and Direction.

    hmm... not sure - maybe have a look here (bit too tired to answer directly..):

  9. 7 months ago
    Sun Jan 1 18:37:28 2017
    fodinabor posted in Custom Material not working.

    I don't really can help... But the corefileprovider should not implement addSource, thats right as it is - the BasicFileProvider or PhysFSFileProvider implement that function... If somewhere an object is falsly used as corefileprovider this of course could lead to corruption.. But I think this is not very likely..

  10. Wed Dec 28 17:50:53 2016

    Jep.. See changes of:
    Maybe try using the newest...

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