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    Thu May 11 19:45:41 2017
    clembot posted in 3rd Person Camera.

    Hi Mage,

    You will want to position the player and camera in relation to one another first, then add the camera as a child entity to the character entity. It is deceptively simple. Once done, this will make the camera follow the transformations (translation, rotation) of the character. Your update code shown above should be unnecessary.


    Good luck.

  2. Fri Jul 1 01:48:53 2016
    clembot posted in Building goodbye_cmake.

    Oh yes, and I needed to delete the contents of (PolycodeDir)/lib/ and execute this from the git shell:

    git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Fri Jul 1 01:41:59 2016
    clembot posted in Building goodbye_cmake.

    That's fabulous. I can confirm a successful build of the win32 solution on Windows 10 with VS2015 Community.

    Just needed to add the full path to ksguid.lib in PolyStudio and TemplateApp additional linker dependencies to get past this error:

    Error	LNK1104	cannot open file 'ksguid.lib'	PolycodeStudio

    Details on the workaround:

  4. Mon Jun 27 21:30:15 2016
    clembot posted in Building goodbye_cmake.

    That's good news; I though I was missing something. Very happy with the direction the project is going - new renderer, web and mobile platform support, JavaScript and embedded entity scripts. Freeow!

  5. Sun Jun 26 13:13:36 2016
    clembot started the conversation Building goodbye_cmake.

    Hi All,

    Has anyone built the goodbye_cmake branch on Windows (10) lately? I'm using the win32 solution on VS2015 and I get the following error ( plus 48 more like it):

    Error C3646 'eglWindow': unknown override specifier
    PolycodeCore	c:\devel\github\polycode\include\polycode\core\polyuwpcore.h	48	

    Also tried it on Parsix with different but equally unsuccessful results. Any comments or ideas welcome.


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    Thu Sep 10 02:34:32 2015
    clembot started the conversation Access vertexNormalArray from lua.

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to track down a way to access the vertexNormalArray of a Mesh thru Lua. Maybe this is not possible. I can get the data size:

    normarray=safe_cast(mymesh.vertexNormalArray, VertexDataArray)

    which results in the expected 12 for a 4 vertex quad mesh.

    However, when I try to check the type returned by getArrayData() it reports nil in field void.


    ---- produces ----

    Error in file Polycode/VertexDataArray.lua on line 34
     attempt to call field 'void' (a nil value)
    In file Polycode/VertexDataArray.lua on line 34

    This corresponds to the lua docs, so perhaps this is not implemented yet. OR I'm missing an easier or more correct way to access normals.

    Any ideas, super-sleuths?

  7. Tue Aug 18 00:13:28 2015
    clembot posted in Sixside.

    Excellent work. Love the game physics and aesthetics.

  8. Fri Aug 14 16:29:42 2015
    clembot started the conversation Text Input trouble.

    Hi folks,

    I'm doing some testing with User Interface and there is a problem with my use of a multiline text input. When the input gets changed text shifts to the left and new lines don't show unless scrolling up. The text input seems to be positioning the caret twice as far to the right as needed also.

    Here's my code:

    SceneLabel.defaultAnchor = Vector3(-1.0, -1.0, 0.0)
    SceneLabel.defaultPositionAtBaseline = true
    SceneLabel.defaultSnapToPixels = true
    SceneLabel.createMipmapsForLabels = false
    scene = Scene(Scene.SCENE_2D_TOPLEFT) 
    scene:getActiveCamera():setOrthoSize(640, 480)
    scene.rootEntity.processInputEvents = true
    local polycode_path = "C:/devel/Polycodedist"
    CoreServices.getInstance():getConfig():loadConfig("Polycode", polycode_path.."/IDE/UIThemes/dark/theme.xml")
    window = UIWindow("This is a window", 200, 400)
    name = UILabel("Multiline input box:", 14, "sans", Label.ANTIALIAS_FULL)
    name:setPosition(window.padding, window.topPadding)
    nameInput = UITextInput(true, 180, 120)
    nameInput:setPosition(window.padding, window.topPadding+18)
    nameInput:setBackgroundColor(Color(0.7, 0.7, 0.9, 1.0))
    nameInput:setTextColor(Color(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0))
    okButton = UIButton("OK!", 40)
    okButton:setPosition(window.padding, window.topPadding+185)
    class "Dropper" (EventHandler)
    function Dropper:Dropper()
    function Dropper:on_change_event(e)
    dropper = Dropper()
    nameInput:addEventListener(dropper, Dropper.on_change_event, UIEvent.CHANGE_EVENT)
    function onMouseDown()

    Thanks for all the great work on this framework, people!

  9. Fri Aug 14 16:21:03 2015
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