Welcome to the Polycode learning section! This collection of articles will take you from setting up your first Polycode application all the way through most of its main features.

These articles are organized roughly in the order they should be read, but feel free to jump to any of the sections and read about a specific feature.

Example code is provided in both C++ and Lua, except for features where Lua bindings are not supported or a Lua-only feature is discussed.

This guide is designed as an overview of the main API features of Polycode, but only covers the basic methods and properties of the classes discussed. For a complete list of class methods and properties, see the generated documentation in the Polycode distribution or under Help →API Reference in the IDE.

The articles are under continuous development and may contain errors. If you would like to contribute an article or see an error that should be fixed or an opportunity for improvement, please fork the Polycode website on github and submit a pull request.